Free Link Building Tips For 2014

Link Building is of the most vital SEO strategies. It’s the process of getting other sites to link with that of yours that in turn helps in enhancing your website search engine ranking. You might come across some articles today defying the importance of link building in contemporary SEO but you must know that the very process still harbors a great deal of significance for a prospective virtual marketing. In fact Matt Cutts (Google official) has stated that links are the most important to understand how important or relevant a particular site is. The write up here is a little bit on some free very effective link building tips for 2014.

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Relevance is crucial

Google is stressing highly on the link context since last year and the relevance of link plays a crucial role in determining the success of your link building campaign. The links which point towards your site must come from the pages pertinent to your specific website topic.  In case the links to a site include keywords pertinent to the site topic, Google would deem that site relevant to that topic. The esteemed search engine has been stressing on it for a long time but time it seems that they are very serious about it.

Links from the authority sites

It’s advised that you try to get hold of links right from the authority sites amidst your niche. Get those sites where your industry authorities linked to & are also linked from- try to get involved with them.

Competitor spying

This is an important strategy to ensure true profit. The virtual business world today features strong competition and hence unless you’re aware of what your contenders are doing you cannot define a winning edge for you. Thus, the online marketing experts have advised to review link building tactics followed by your contenders. Study those which have been really successful with link building and see whether you too can incorporate these strategies.

No spamming please

Spamming is always risky and the same rings true with link building. There are certain link schemes that Google dislike and you must avoid them to eliminate penalty threats from Google. These link schemes- selling or buying link which pass PageRank; too much of link exchanges; big-scale article marketing with keyword stuffed anchor text; text advertisements which pass PageRank; low standard directory/bookmark website links; widget embedded links which are distributed in varied sites; forum comment displaying optimized links for signature or post; highly distributed links found in footers of different sites etc.


Take to social media

Social media presence helps immensely in successful link building campaigns. In fact, Matt Cutts himself has pointed out that solid presence in leading social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook & Google+ would help to secure prospective link building. You have to enrich your social media profile with compelling posts and contents so that the audience loves to share it often – this in turn would assure high visibility for your site and eventually reward it with top ranks over the search engines.

IBP organic SEO software review

Are you looking for a good SEO software that can effectively assist you to land up with a prospective search engine optimization campaign? Now, there are several SEO software applications in the contemporary market but not all can promise complete customer satisfaction. If you are out for the best of results, the IBP (Internet Business Promoter) organic SEO software could be a great resort for you. Here is a brief review on the system which proves why is it so loved among the internet marketers today.


Strong optimization guide

The IBP software is largely admired given its excellent optimization guidance for the user sites. Just pick your preferred search engine, enter targeted keyword, the site URL & hit on “Create Report”. As you do that the software would check the URL thoroughly & provide you comprehensive report on the optimization level of your site. Higher is the percentage, better would be the chances for keyword ranking. Added to the detailed report, the tool would also offer suggestions to enhance keyword optimization.


Great help with keyword

The IBP system can help you in performing in-depth  keyword research for your contents. The keyword-assistance module of the software will offer keyword suggestions, cite competition level for your chosen keyword & also determine its KEI level. The user just needs to enter his specific keyword & pick the preferred search engine and the module will come up with an elaborate roster of all pertinent keywords.


Guidance in link building

Link building is undoubtedly one of the most vital strategies to ensure a successful SEO and is considered as the hardest of SEO campaigns. IBP has come up with its Link SEO aide that makes the entire link building process a breeze. It reveals to you the potent sites that can link towards you.

Assists with rankings

Monitoring the targeted keywords seems crucial for both long term and short term success on the SEO route. The IBP organic SEO software system is designed with  Ranking module that has proved to be of excellent help in monitoring rank of the targeted keywords.

Quick submission

This is one of the most loved features about IBP SEO software. The cutting edge software contains an automated module that is meant to help out the users with quick submission.  You just have to select the search engines & the software would automatically submit the user’s site to the selected search engines. It saves a great deal of time for the user enabling him to allot more time on other serious business activities. It’s to note here that the software would even allow you to set periodic submission schedule, if needed.

The Tools

One of the most remarkable features about IBP software is its Tools module. This particular module involves different sub-tools that are meant to assist you in quality optimization of the website. These would guide you in validating html, checking out the broken lines & so on.

No wonder, IBP software has received a solid 4 star rating on 5 stars from its happy users.

Is Blog Comment Link Building Bad for SEO

One of the mist crucial questions that has been bothering the online marketers now is that whether blog comment link building is bad for SEO. Now, the blog comment strategy has long been a highly significant strategy for great link building but of late Google has taken up a strict view on the policy. It’s because in many cases it has been found that some unethical online marketers are manipulating links to their sites through blog comment link building.


Now, you must know that in a recent declaration, Google has clearly stated that- any link attempting to manipulate the Google PageRank of a site would be considered as link scheme. This would cover any activity which manipulates the links to the marketer’s website or the outgoing links right from his site. The link scheme as identified by Google constitutes violation of Webmaster Guidelines forwarded by Google. Thus, link building intending to manipulate the page ranking of a site is always risky for the marketer & would be deemed as something unethical.

Now, getting back to the original question- it’s true that Google is at the disapproval of misusing blog comment link building as link scheme yet it didn’t ever say that it’s against blog commenting link building. In fact Google is completely at peace with the practice, provided it’s done sans the intention of unethical manipulation of PageRank.

Recently, esteemed Google official Matt Cutts published a video online covering their views on blog comment link building. The main mission of releasing the video was to debunk the myth that Google considers blog comment link building as endangering for a site’s organic ranking. In fact, Cutts has stressed that blog commenting holds as much significance for link building as the social media practices.

However, there are some conditions. The first condition is that the comment must be made on your very own name. It’s a known fact that Penguin has penalized over-optimization of anchor text & the same rings true with on-page links for comments. If you are not using your actual name here you would be tagged as spammer. This will in turn indicate you as a manipulator to Google & might get you blocked from commenting further. You must know that the moment you post a comment on some name, your name would be checked thoroughly. Any discrepancy here would portray your blog comment link building activity as a scam.

Another condition is that you have to comment on blogs yourself. According to Cutts, Google is okay with the idea of frequent commenting, provided the person is doing it himself. This implies that there shouldn’t be any use automated or scalable commenting schemes. Cutts has stated clearly that the automated schemes for blog commenting would be deemed as a manipulation scheme and a violation of Google guidelines.

In conclusion, it can be said that blog commenting policy is still regarded as a wonderful route to successful link building. It enables active engagement with your audience on your preferred sites & escalates your visibility. But you must be careful to conduct the strategy with due respect to Google’s guidelines.

How To Improve SEO with Link Building and Social Media

Link building is one of the most vital strategies determining a truly prospective SEO. Since its inception, Google has laid huge stress on backlinks received by a site while deciding on its page rank. It carries the notion that the links feature as a support vote signifying the page worth as it proves that somebody has felt it necessary enough to take time out to create link & point that towards your site. With the advent of the social media, link building gained all the more importance and is perceived as one of the major tools to earn a stellar SEO from the social media sites.


Here are some tips how you can improve SEO with link building & social media-

Quality contents strictly

The social networking tools might not assist in content development & but the nature of content carries great value here. Thus, you need to come up with interesting, original and valuable content on social media portals (including your blog). Make sure that the content that you are providing for your target base can actually provide some real value to their life. Researched, well-informed and appealing contents are always patronized by Google. It should be mentioned here that Google is primarily in favor of sites that carry original and quality contents. Links from these sites are viewed as “natural” or “organic” links which is very crucial to Google while deciding on PageRank.

Take to experts or gurus link_building

You must identify experts in your field because if they are ready to help with link building, Google would definitely respect your site. Google views the social networking sites as a major medium to determine the value of your portal. The esteemed search engine would count on various aspects here like who & how many from these sites are interested about you- and also whether the people interested on you are actually authentic experts in your field. If a specialized person is ready to help you in link building it only proves that your site truly contains worthy contents.

Count on Google +

Yes you would definitely look for link building help from the reputed social media sites like Twitter or Facebook -but the site which is rising in optimum prominence today is Google Plus. You must know that Google lays greater stress on Google Plus these days in comparison to the significance offered to the other popular social media portals. Thus, added to Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIN you must make sure to link up your blog portal to the Google Plus page.

Be careful about algorithms

One of the most important tips to ensure a successful link building for SEO is to keep yourself updated on the latest Google algorithms. The search engine keeps on altering its algorithms frequently and what was deemed valid last year might not taken as right today. In case, you link building campaign is not compatible to Google algorithms you are most likely to get nullified by the search engine.

Hope these tips will help you to achieve a successful SEO with Link building & Social media.


12 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips – On-Page SEO Tips for 2014

Search engine optimization is the route to assure a highly prosperous business online. But the virtual commerce zone today features extreme cut-throat competition and hence you have to come up with nothing but the best with your on-page optimization techniques. The best optimization techniques are those that are formulated with due respect t to the latest search engine algorithms and hence are able to assure the most potential results. Here are 12 best search engine optimization tips for 2014.



  • The current focus is on composing longer meaningful articles. Small articles, that were once the norm, are no longer potent these days and websites with nearly 1500 words articles have got tremendous success in recent times. However, make sure that the article is meaningful sans any grammatical errors.
  • The keyword used in your content should be pertinent to the topic. The idea is to use synonymous keywords throughout.
  • You have to deliver fresh & unique contents for an effective promotion. Focus on the unexplored and the latest aspects of a particular topic to get a unique edge midst the countless competitors online. Fresh contents not only enhances readership but also influences crawl frequency of your site.
  • Be careful about the website navigation speed. People are really busy these days and hence if you cannot offer them speedy navigation they are forced to look elsewhere, no matter how informative your site is.
  • You must work to enhance user engagement in your site to assure better ranks over search engines. Apart from informative articles, use images, videos and infographics to catapult the appeal quotient of the site. Be prompt with responses when your visitor is asking something on your site.


  • Be careful about the ads you place on your site as too many of them might draw penalties. Inappropriate advertisement placement is another thing to check out for. In a nutshell, do not place any ad on your portal that will affect the crawl function of search engines.
  • It’s advised to get grabbing title & header for your promotional contents. Use a strong keyword for title & header- such a keyword that would have optimum exact matching search volume. Optimize the keyword to come up with grabbing & meaningful title tag.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing as this is another criterion to get your site penalized. Yes, the e-commerce sites might have to repeat keywords given the repetition of products but avoid it elsewhere.
  • In regards to meta description optimization, duplicate description-tag must be avoided and so is keyword stuffing. Try to finish the description strictly within 150 words.
  • You must keep the URLs well readable. It’s because readable URLs achieve higher rate of click-through over search engines in comparison to the non formatted or short URLs.
  • Allow your web pages to be crawled easily the search engines. Deploy right meta tags such as noindex, index, follow tags & so on based on pages you prefer to get crawled & those that you don’t.
  • Deploy structured data-markup for your website that would offer maximum details on your site content to search engines that would display the same to visitors.


SEO Profiler Review

An effective SEO campaign is the key to a successful virtual business. But the very process of search engine optimization is a perplex one and needs an expert guide to ensure a truly fulfilling result. You need something that can assist you in all the major tactics of optimization, be it in relation with keywords or backlink or social media. SEO Profiler is one of the most sought after optimization tools here that promise a very prosperous search engine optimization campaign online. The post below presents a short review on the features of SEO Profiler.


Extensive help in Optimization

The SEO Profiler is armed with several small tools to guide you towards a very effective on-page optimization campaign. For example, the system comes with “Top Ten Optimizer” tool that would enlighten you about top ten page ranking for the chosen keyword. Then, there is the Keyword Density Analyzer that shows the frequency of keyword appearances in a content. The other one is Reliability Checker that defines the readability quotient of your content. Besides, SEO Profiler comes with “Rich Snippet Creator” tool which enables the user to control webpage snippet, eventually improving article title CTR in the search results. Most importantly, SEO Profiler educates its users with great optimization tutorials.

Help with backlinks

SEO Profiler is designed with a Backlinks Manager aide that will review your site & provide detailed report on contenders’ links. The different vital tools comprising the main backlink aide here are Link Tutorials, Hub Finder, Keyword Links, Opportunity Finder & Weekly-Backlinks Opportunities.


Quality keyword research

SEO Profiler is engineered to offer you premium assistance in keyword research. The system includes several pertinent tools to keyword research including Keyword Spy, Weekly-Keyword Opportunities, Keyword Difficulty & Keyword Tutorials. In a nutshell, SEO Profiler will inform you about competitors’ keywords, offer you Google compatible keyword suggestions, point out difficulty quotient between keywords & educate you on keyword research & tips.




Inform on search engine status of internal pages

SEO Profiler is able to inform the user on search engine status of internal pages & sub domains of hi website in 68 nations! This is done by its “Ranking Monitor” aide. You will get to see rankings of main keywords, top ranking web pages on search engines and would also learn to find easily rankable keywords. Moreover, the tool will offer negative and positive alerts on your keywords as well as enable you to check SERP ranks of your contenders.


Social network listing

SEO Profiler enables you to check the social reputation achieved by your keyword in social media sites.

Submit website

SEO Profiler can submit the user’s webpage to over 200 search engines instantly.


Competitor spying

You need to check out on the optimization campaigns incorporated by your contenders to devise strategies that can keep you ahead at the competition. Thus, SEO Profiler has got a Spy Tool that helps in analyzing competitor keyword, Google ranks of rivals & also allows backlink spying.

Website audit

SEO Profiler offers weekly reports citing all the errors encountered by your website thereby enlightening you on areas of improvement.

SEO Profiler is really affordable and the pricing plan starts from 24 USD per month.

Know More About Ways Of Converting MP4 To DVD


Are you one of those youngsters who love to watch your favorite videos or movies on your mobile phone while on the move? Don’t be disheartened by the number of DVDs or MP4 files you have which are not supported by your mobile phones. With the help of Movavi Video Converter, you can convert the files in to any format at just a click of your mouse. You need not have a sound idea about video conversion to do this as you just need to run the software, choose video file, opt for a preset output and hit the convert button!


How to convert MP4 to DVD?

  1. Download Movavi Video Converter: Download the software and open the file. As soon as the download gets over and follow the instructions using the Installation wizard.
  2. Launch Video converter from Movavi: Click open the Movavi video converter and hit the add DVD option to add the files of your choice. Find the Video TS folder of the DVD and Open it.
  3. Opt for the readymade preset: Hit the arrow you find close to the Convert to option and prepare a list of readymade presets designed for different file formats and devices. Now go to the More presets for formats option, choose the MP4 group and choose the resolution that caters to your requirements.
  4. Convert DVD to MP4: Open the browse button near the destination and mention the location you wish to save the converted files. Now hit the convert button. The conversion of MP4 to DVD would now begin.
  5. Transfer converted file to your mobile devices: Turn the device on and connect it to your PC. Now begin the mobile upload function to save the converted files in your mobile.

You can now use the video file that has been converted from MP4 to DVD on your mobile device!